Black Knight Brands all started with a secret family recipe that had been passed down through the generations? Bruno was born and rasied in Italy and worked at various artisan meat plants in his early years.By age 16 he had developed his own blend of spices, which he soon perfected into the variety of recipes we have today. Years later, our family began a small business here in Canada that sold spices and meats to local restaurants and merchants. Well the word spread! Bruno’s unique spice blends were a big hit and we were soon overwhelmed by requests.


Today, Black Knight Brands manufacture our meats from a federally, regulated plant and serve hundreds of clients. Whether you prefer to prepare your own meats with our uniques spice blends or purchase ready-to-cook burger patties and sausages, our secret family recipe can now be yours.


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Bolton Farmers Market is always on the look-out for small, local farmers who share our vision of providing fresh, high-quality produce. If you would like further information on how to become a vendor or Entertainer.


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